Diamond Lite Videos showcase students to coaches, colleges, and recruiters with a high level of professionalism. Across the nation, colleges are no longer just looking for footage of highlight reels but for well-rounded student applicants. Our videos focus on the student.

We produce high-quality video applications using a combination of highlight reels and studio film to create a compelling and straightforward narrative. Our videos are the perfect showcase of not only where you excel, but also who you are, what drives you and why you are the perfect choice for any college program.

These professional video profiles are designed to showcase the talents of students in sports, band, choir, dance, cheer, theater, and any other extracurricular activity. We help showcase your individual personality by allowing you to answer the questions that most college professionals are asking, providing you with the competitive edge.


Our team simplifies the process of creating your perfect college recruitment video. Students set up a time to film in our production studio. Students and parents are provided a copy of the questions before arriving. Individual filming sessions last for roughly 30 minutes, but we’ll accommodate anyone who needs a little extra time for that perfect response. Once we’ve compiled your answers, we pull the responses best representative of your personality, ambitions, and goals for the final cut.

During the video editing process we require at least one minute of highlight reel showcasing your talents. Our editing team then cuts this minute of footage into smaller pieces, complimenting your best answers. As a finished product, Diamond Lite Videos provides you with a roughly two minute professional quality video showcasing who you are.

Our videos capture and present students of all involvement and skill levels in a compelling and straightforward manner. Highlight reel videos alone may not be enough. Let us provide you with the perfect solution for turning your dreams into reality.


Curious about how our team can help showcase your personality and talents in a compelling application? Get in touch today! We are excited to support any student on their path to the next level.