Our mission is to empower business through great storytelling.

Black Diamond does more than just shoot video. We are strategic video storytellers. We work with you to develop the narrative that will connect with your audience and accomplish your goals. We take the time to understand what you want to accomplish and we help you construct the story that will accomplish your goals and be most meaningful to your audience.

Tell your story with video and you use the brain’s natural tendencies to work with you. your target audience brain can’t help itself, it just wants to engage. Whether you have a product or service to tell others about, instructions to demonstrate, a company introduction to make, we will tell your story in the most memorable, effective way. Our clients come to us with challenges they are facing and we solve them with video.

Our vision is to provide creativity that removes limits and creates opportunities.



You have a goal you need to accomplish, let’s say it’s a new product introduction. You know what the product is and you have a deadline when the new product will be coming off the assembly line. Your boss has told you to get a video made, but you’re not exactly sure how the video should look, who should be in it or what they should they say? Start with a story. In our business, it’s called a storyboard. It’s an outline of the story you want to tell. It has a beginning, middle and an end.

When telling a story about a product, you want to include its features and benefits. What color, size, shape and function does it perform? And what benefits will the customer gain from using your product? Your story can be as simple as, This is our new shiny, red, rubber ball. It fits in the palm of your hand and feels squishy when you squeeze it. When you throw the ball down, it bounces. It’s fun to play with and kids particularly love it. “ On paper, that doesn’t sound like much of a story, but add some visual imagery, especially of kids laughing and playing with the ball, and you have an engaging story.

Our Core Values

We maintain an egoless, service-oriented mindset.

Every day, we do something to improve ourselves, to enhance our company, and to help our customers be more successful.

Creating and maintaining great relationships is the cornerstone of our business.


We would love to sit down and discuss how Black Diamond Media Productions can help you with your brand’s visual appeal.  At Black Diamond, we will work with you every step of the way; getting to know you and your company on an intimate level.  This allows us to help tell your story.  Click the button below to contact us and to find out how Black Diamond Media Productions can help you!